Overcoming your insecurity

When I left, leaving everything behind, for a new experience 4 years ago, I received a lot of compliments and exclamations of surprise from my friends.

Great Andrea! So brave, you are so good at this! I don’t know if I could do it!

Well what can I say, I didn’t always believe in those words, or rather most of the time I didn’t believe in them at all…

We all have insecurities

As soon as I left, I didn’t believe those words of surprise because I was so sure of my decision and the new life I was jumping into, that it didn’t seem like such a brave choice.

Then over time, I started to believe it less and less but for other reasons. I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel brave and most of all I didn’t feel “great”!

All I felt was great insecurity that kept growing inside of me day after day, I didn’t believe anyone, and my confidence, even at work, started to waver.

I am an ambitious person and being satisfied with my work and feeling accomplished, for me, is essential. When I start to not have what I want everything falters and I close myself in a shell very often, I feel like the world is falling on me.

After the pandemic, because of so many things that happened, I decided to travel on my own for the first time, and between a difficult day and a very easy one, I started to do a lot of personal growth work.

How I began to overcome them

I began to ask myself what I wanted from myself, what I no longer had to rely on others for, and what I needed to ask for help, finally, I was beginning to ask myself what I wanted from my life, at work and otherwise!

Well, this is when all my insecurities came back up, or I discovered new ones. I always thought I was a strong, resourceful, and kind person to others, and all of a sudden I felt weak, lacking initiative, and bitchy, someone who never thinks about others or didn’t understand what they wanted to say to me.

From there I knew I had to change something and I started thinking about what was the key to turning that moment of loneliness and weakness around. In a very short time, I gave myself an answer: travel, meet new people, and give all of myself to others, show my weaknesses, and not only the superwoman side.

However, I have to say THANK YOU to myself for leaving in November 2021 because it is through these journeys that I am figuring out the person I want to be and how much I have to give to others.

Is there a secret to overcoming your weaknesses? No, there is only one thing to do, face them. Weaknesses are like fears, you have to face them head-on and figure out the best way to turn them into your strengths.

I’m working on it, and soon I might be able to help you figure out how to do it!

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