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How did I start working remotely?


Working remotely was something that had never crossed my mind until late summer 2018.
But what does it really mean? And why has it changed my life?

Summer 2018

During the summer of 2018, for the second season in a row, I was working as a social media manager and copywriter at two campsites in Cavallino Treporti, on the Venetian coast. In my team I had two other fantastic young people, Maria and Lorenzo, who always helped me by giving their best; we were a real team. 

I really liked that job, I was not locked in the office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., I could meet many people, and every day was dynamic and different from the previous one.

Maybe, to be honest, I was doing a lot more hours, only one day off a week and quite strange hours (broken into three times, morning, afternoon, and evening) but I loved it, I felt satisfied and always stimulated by new things.

It was right there that the animation team leader, Antonio, told me about his plan to fly to Mexico with a friend, Mirko, and live like digital nomads. Get a job and live around the world working only with their computers.

From that moment I began to learn about this world, the world of digital nomads, what it meant to work remotely, and what the possibilities were.

It all seemed so absurd to me and yet in my head something began to ask why not?

Why couldn’t I live that life too? A life that perhaps, deep in my soul I had always wanted.

The first experience: Mexico

That’s how in October 2018, I left for Mexico and after a long time, I had only said yes to myself.

I was very scared I didn’t have a real job but I started again dusting off old courses I had on my computer, and old skills like graphic design and I rolled up my sleeves trying to find something that could trace my path and lead you to live forever like this, free, true and happy.

I started writing articles for an online magazine that paid me really little, €1/2 per article but I liked it. I was writing about travel and food, my greatest passions and it was fun.

As the months went by, however, I realized that I needed to find something more and so I started combing through my acquaintances if anyone might need social management, writing, or graphic design.

In early March two companies responded and so we set the first appointment for my return to Italy, maybe something was starting to materialize.

The return to Italy and the first summer as a freelancer

At the end of March 2019, I returned to Italy and after the initial return trauma, mostly due to the cold and jet lag, I realized that yes being a freelancer and who knows one day a digital entrepreneur was what I wanted.

The two interviews went well and before I even opened my VAT number I already had two clients.

From there everything went fast and in May 2019, in addition to officially becoming a freelancer, a project was also born together with Antonio, Share it.

Lavorare remoto Freelance

We wanted to join forces and create services for companies, we like to do different things so what better way to offer something to companies that can be complete?

That’s how this project started and over time it evolved, changed, reciprocated, and got lost and I hope soon it can take off again.

The lockdown and the general stop

The skyrocketing enthusiasm for this very different lifestyle came to a halt in February 2020 when the arrival of the pandemic locked everyone in their homes. 

I was fortunate to be able to continue working steadily and not miss any of that remote work; in fact, the work was increasing more and more and I could not be happier about it.

It was right after the first reopening that I decided to rediscover something of Italy and lived for a few months in a small town in southern Sicily.


Here I decided that I had to create something new, and the Share it project started to evolve officially, becoming an online shop with things for digital nomads. 

You can find the shop on Etsy! It is currently being adjusted again but in a few months, you can find many new products 🙂

Resuming traveling

That’s how after many vicissitudes, lockdowns, closures, and reopenings, a difficult time I decided to start living again through my travels and getting to know new adventures.

In November 2021 I left again, this time alone, for Portugal, and in January 2022 for Mexico.

In these months, all my projects were born, new collaborations, and after a stalemate with my clients, I realized what to aim for. In life I want to write, I want to live by words. 

So working from home and remotely has become the order of the day for me. I am always writing for my clients, for agencies, and for myself.

I have set up new projects and some are yet to materialize but I will tell you all about them soon.

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