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The autonomy of being a freelancer

Just like that to me, the life I am living now seemed impossible until a few years ago. I used to see great entrepreneurs or those who managed to build their own business as unattainable people, I used to think that I could never be like them, I used to see them as distant from everything that was my world. 

Everything seemed so distant but only because I had never asked myself the most important question, was I delighted with what I was doing, my work, or how I was living my life?

The autonomy to manage my own time

Since I started working, between 2015 and 2016 I always had ups and downs, one job where I had a lot of autonomy and was fine, and the next job where I was not comfortable and spent my time wondering who made me do it.

Every time there was something that didn’t feel right, I had to change jobs, I wanted something better, something more. I wanted something that would allow me to reach my full potential 100 percent, where I could put myself out there, and where I could spend all the years of study I had finished.

What I was realizing was that I needed to work, absolutely I did, but I needed my own time and my own way of being. Respect me by doing the work I most enjoyed. 

In one of my jobs what I was most excited about was being able to work the way I wanted to work and especially with the ability to organize my work and where to work.

That’s when I realized that I wanted to be autonomous, to do things in a different way. I longed to be free.

For me, being freelance does not mean being free from a boss, a place of employment, or everything that comes with being an employee, but I want to be free to manage my own system, how I manage my time and how I manage my work.

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