In the last few months there are many projects I have decided to engage in, some I have already told you about others I have kept secret, I wanted to enjoy them and keep them just for me for a while longer.

Now though, I want to share it with you to get insights, feedback and anything that can help me create something that I can help you too. I have decided to take a path of personal growth and create the one that best suits me and hopefully you!

It was at the moment when I felt really lonely that I started blogging consistently and using social media to tell you about my life, my journeys, my joys and yes even my defeats and insecurities.

That is why I think it is time to share this little part of me as well.

How I feel

When I am together with others everyone tells me that I always smile, that I am always happy, that no one can stop me, “If you want something you always get it!” For a long time this is something I didn’t believe, I smiled softly, cashed in and my brain accumulated. Then over time I realized that my determination is one of the things that sets me apart and helps me overcome my insecurity, so yes it’s true. What you never see though is the hard work behind it, the fears, the many insecurities and the countless doubts; the falls and the difficult climbs to get back up, the crying (in my case many), the failures and the sadness when something doesn’t go the way you want it to. 

How do I feel? Very often bewildered and confused. So I asked myself, why is what I see so different from what others see?

I always felt inferior, different, felt that others were always doing something more than me or better than me. But was/is that really the case? Was/are I really less than others? I think I will never understand it and maybe I don’t want to, or rather it is not the key to getting better. I need to understand why I am different from others, what makes me unique.

My life changed the moment I started to say yes to myself and so I discovered the key to believe a little more in my abilities and what I want to do.

What has changed?

In the summer of 2018 I would not be getting my work contract renewed as I had hoped, the affair with my ex-boyfriend had recently ended, mostly at my behest, and I felt I was in an abyss; everything I imagined in life was collapsing and I did not know how to re-emerge.

Live with ARMONIA

In hindsight these are all things that were supposed to happen but at that moment they were throwing me off track and leading me to lock myself in a shell and shutting out everyone who loved me.

Then, someone, the right person for me at that time, started asking me so many questions that I had to give as many answers to.

My brain and especially my emotions and my heart were being reactivated. I never imagined that I could go so deep into things, think so much and be so happy to do it. Something was changing inside me, and by starting to say yes to myself my whole life changed.


From that moment I had so many ups and downs until I realized that there was a key to achieve all my goals, create order in my life and organize even the little things. 

No, it doesn’t mean being manic, but merely figuring out what is the best time of the day to live, work and do everything I love.


Hence the idea of creating a project for all women, who like me, want to turn their lives around and so, I am trying to figure out the best way to help each of you achieve your goals.

So I hope to write to you soon to tell you how to reach the next step in your life with ARMONIA.