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About me

Something about me

I’m constantly on the move, a wild particle of energy. I draw, write, create, organize, plan, travel, and study.

I love learning new things, challenging myself, and traveling. A secret? Traveling has stolen my heart. Want to know more?

Personalized counsel

Digital marketing

Are you looking for reliable support to overcome challenges in the digital world or to enhance your communication plan to make it more functional?

Thanks to my experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing, I will help you develop effective strategies to achieve specific goals through targeted and personalized consultations.

We will identify the best opportunities and find practical solutions to optimize your online presence and maximize engagement with your target audience.

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Fields of action

Content marketing

Optimization of digital content, assisting you in creating, distributing, and managing your digital content efficiently and strategically, ensuring maximum effectiveness and impact on your target audience.

social media management

Optimization of your social media presence, from planning and creating content to managing interactions with your audience. This way, you can maximize engagement and visibility of your brand online.


Engaging storytelling by defining an authentic and compelling narrative that captures the audience’s attention and promotes an emotional connection with your brand.

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