Favignana: an island within an island


In a single moment everything changes and you know you are in love, it happens with people, things, and above all with places. Here I can really say that I fell in love…

Here time passes slowly and every corner is reminiscent of a typical 20th-century Mediterranean fishing village. Few inhabitants live mainly from fishing, agriculture, and tourism.

The island of Favignana

Favignana is an island that will be able to kidnap you with its marine and terrestrial wonders, a unique treasure in the world that we often don’t know we have.

The island is located in the Egadi archipelago, in Sicily; for this, we can define it as the island within the island. It is the largest of the archipelago which in total is composed, in addition to Favignana, of Levanzo, Marettimo, Maraone, Formica, Stagnone, Galera, Galeotta, Preveto, and Fariglione.

Favignana is located about 7 km from the west coast of Sicily, opposite Trapani, and very close to Marsala.

We are talking about a small corner of paradise, rich in vegetation, and good food, which is never lacking in Sicily and is truly characteristic.

What to see in Favignana

Mare Favignana

The crystal clear sea is the main feature of this wonderful Sicilian treasure, wonderful beaches, and breathtaking streets, this is the real secret of the island.

Every single beach has different characteristics and peculiarities, so a weekend will not be enough for you to visit the whole island. We only spent two days here but it was enough to leave a small part of our heart there and return, one day, to take it back.

Bue Marino

The Bue Marino beach is for those who love diving off the cliff. This place was an old tuff quarry, no longer active but gave us a supernatural landscape with a truly unique charm.

Cala Rossa

This is also one of the most evocative beaches on the island and perhaps in the whole of Sicily. The sand here is very white and the sea water is clear and crystalline. A perfect combination for those who love snorkeling and diving or diving off the rocks.

Cala Azzurra

This is considered one of the best beaches because it is suitable for everyone, from the most adventurous travelers to families with children. Here you can admire all the different shades of turquoise water and relax on a white sandy beach.

Former Florio delle Tonnare factory

We can define the former Florio factory as one of the symbolic places on the island. It is the symbol of one of the moments in which the island has developed the most. The plant has benefited all the inhabitants thanks to the industry and processing of tuna. Today the plant is no longer functional but, by paying a ticket, it is open to the public and can be visited. You can immerse yourself entirely in the island as you can admire the industrial architecture of the time of the establishment and admire the artifacts found in all the Egadi islands.

Castle of Santa Caterina

The castle is located on a hill and is the highest point on the island. The structure is in a state of semi-abandonment but remains one of the symbolic places of Favignana. An ascent is suitable for everyone, of about 50 minutes, which is totally rewarded by the breathtaking view that you witness once at the top.

The surrounding islands

Favignana isole circostanti

Another thing to visit is the surrounding islands, Levanzo and Marettimo.

Levanzo is the smallest of the three main islands of the archipelago and you can visit it all in one day. With its small village with unpaved roads, it really presents itself with a little paradise. You can find houses in white rock, of limestone origin, and small sunny beaches. Taking the boat ride you can visit the Genevese cave inside where there is graffiti dating back to the Paleolithic.

Marettino is the wildest island and is also the furthest from the coast. On the island, there are many inlets, caves, and rich vegetation. The main attraction is the castle of Punta Troia, a historic building that offers a beautiful panorama.

How to reach the island

The easiest way to reach the island is by sea by taking a ferry from Trapani or Marsala.

Once you get off it will be easy to find several small local shops that rent bicycles and scooters at very affordable prices.

We rented a bike for two days and chose to visit a part of the island, a truly rejuvenating experience.

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