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About Me

About me


Changes don't scare me; in fact, I welcome them with joy and always find a positive side to them.

My trick? Always try to look a little further ahead!

My story

In 2016, with my degree in hand, I land my first job and continue studying on the side. Is it enough? Absolutely not.

2018 is a year full of changes. It’s the year I discover a part of myself that, although always present, I had never truly listened to – the traveler within.

I choose to follow that burning desire inside me and leave my life behind to embark on an adventure, with my heart in my suitcase and memories in my backpack.

Since then, I’ve never stopped, or almost never. I hop from one country to another, always returning home. To my luggage, I add: Mexico (twice), Portugal, Thailand (also twice), Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Traveling has become as vital to me as breathing. I continue to move, to travel, to discover – all while striving to become someone I’m proud of, with a life full of projects to accomplish and new stories to write.