My First Year As A Freelance!


It’s been almost a year since I decided I wanted to do it on my own. One year since I open my VAT, my first year as a freelance.

In the last week, in Italy and in the world, we are not having a good time, we are at the begining of a pandemic, and we have to stay in our house. This situation bring me to think and take stock of the situation on this last year.

Some days I think about how much I would like to do more, have more responsibility, that perhaps I could have gone higher by choosing another path but, in a period like this, I stopped for a moment and, I understood, that I have achieved a lot in very little time.

At the same time, I have to say thank you to the people who have been close to me, who have helped me, and who have put themselves on the line with me for new challenges and new projects.

It wasn’t easy in some moments, when the work went down I felt sad and thought it wasn’t worth it.

Then, however, the search began again, the efforts began again, and little by little the vase filled up again.

At the same time, my self-esteem and my desire to get involved grew.

The really important thing when you are a freelancer is not to get overwhelmed by the dark times.

Some periods are not easy but the strength to overcome them, through study and dedication, is what in the end you want to say yes! I’ve done it!

I am sure that I will still have to work a lot to get where I want, that there will still be many obstacles but that I will believe in myself and I will be able to go far.

I love my life, it’s not perfect, it’s not exactly how I would like it but, for this very reason, I know it can be even better than that.

What I realized after my first year as a freelance

I understood that opportunities are always waiting for us, just around the corner!

The only thing to do is decide to harvest them, cultivate them and make them spectacular.

Believe in yourself and in the people around you because this is the key to achieving all your goals.

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