My favorite places to eat in Phuket, from Rawai to Kata Beach


Phuket is a paradise not only for its breathtaking landscapes and dreamlike beaches but also for its rich culinary offerings. If you are exploring the areas of Rawai and Kata Beach, get ready for a culinary journey that will let you savor the best of local and international cuisine. Here is a guide to the best places to eat in Phuket, with a selection of must-try restaurants that I have tried and retried during my months on the island.

ALI'S BBQ Naiharn

For barbecue lovers, ALI’S BBQ Naiharn is a must-visit. Located near Naiharn Beach, this restaurant offers a wide selection of perfectly grilled meats. Their menu features flavorful dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. And for those of Muslim origin, all the meat is Halal.

Couple Cafe

If you’re looking for a quiet spot for breakfast or a light lunch, Couple Cafe is the perfect choice. This cozy café serves delicious coffee, fresh smoothies, and a variety of pastries and sandwiches.

Red Chair

Red Chair is known for its authentic Thai cuisine. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes such as Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and Massaman Curry. The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and friendly service, perfect for a relaxing dinner. This is absolutely my favorite place for Massaman Curry.

Kanya Thai Food

For an authentic culinary experience, visit Kanya Thai Food. This family-run restaurant serves traditional Thai dishes prepared with passion and love. Their specialties include spicy soups, creamy curries, and stir-fried noodles. Everything is very spicy, so be careful!

Pad Thai by Maprang

Pad Thai by Maprang is famous for its Pad Thai, considered one of the best in Phuket. The restaurant uses fresh, local ingredients to create dishes full of flavor. Don’t miss the opportunity to try other classic Thai dishes as well.

Isan Classic

If you want to experience the flavors of northeastern Thailand, Isan Classic is the restaurant for you. Here you can enjoy typical dishes of Isan cuisine, known for their intensity and flavor. Som Tum (papaya salad) and Larb (minced meat salad) are among the most popular dishes.

Nui Restaurant (ex Tom Tom Sap Nua Restaurant)

Nui Restaurant, formerly known as Tom Tom Sap Nua Restaurant, is renowned for its excellent Thai cuisine. With a diverse menu and consistent quality, this restaurant is a safe choice for a delicious dinner.

Nui is an extraordinary person and will create a custom dish for you based on your tastes.

Autogrill Risto Bar Pizza

For a change of pace, try Autogrill Risto Bar Pizza. This restaurant offers a selection of wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta, and other Italian dishes. It’s the perfect place for those looking for a break from Asian cuisine.

Eddy, Lorella, and Massimo will welcome you warmly 🙂

Raga Coffee and Homemade Bakery

Raga Coffee and Homemade Bakery is a little gem where you can find high-quality coffee and homemade baked goods. Ideal for a relaxing breakfast or an afternoon break, this café is highly regarded for its cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

Pad Thai Driver

Pad Thai Driver is a small restaurant specializing in Pad Thai and other Thai dishes. The food quality and quick service make it a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

Baan Bang-La Restaurant

Baan Bang-La Restaurant offers a combination of Thai and international cuisine. With a relaxed atmosphere and excellent service, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

Phuket is an extraordinary gastronomic destination, with a wide range of restaurants offering culinary delights for every palate. Whether you’re exploring the beaches of Rawai or Kata Beach, you’ll surely find a place to eat that will satisfy your culinary desires.

Enjoy your meal!

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