Digital Project

These are just a few of the companies I have had the pleasure of collaborating with over time and with whom I have built great projects

Luisa Raimondi

Project Manager Tomura


Project manager Tomura

Marco Mugnai

Project and Content Manager Tomura

Cremeria D'azeglio

Project and Content Manager Tomura

Focus Maldive | Let's

Website Copywriter

Flying Cat Marketing

SEO copywriter per Active Campaign

Villa di Campolungo

Website Copywriter

Turisti per caso

Smart traveller | Storytelling copywriting blog

Prima Posizione

SEO copywriter and Project Manager SEO blog


Ramitours, Eliem Fashion, Milani Home, Areaseb

Gruppo Vacanze e natura

Communication & Social Media Manager


Project Manager

Beviamo un caffè insieme​