A weekend in the city of Princess Sissi

Arrived at the beauty of 28 years for the first time I did a weekend away with friends. The destination? Vienna!

A new city but that has always intrigued me, maybe because I was a big fan of Princess Sissi and I watched all the movies with my grandmother!

Well, after choosing the destination, we just had to leave!

Day 1

We left in the morning from Venice, after a few ups and downs for the check-in, with the company you couldn’t do it online, we passed the controls, coffee, and off we went! Once you arrive in Vienna, from the airport it’s easy to get to the center, just take the train. We found a cute apartment in the city center and from there, it was easy to take the metro or walk to go anywhere. Leaving our bags it was time to go on an adventure, the day was not the best and the weather was not exactly on our side. Maybe that’s why I was a little dubious about the city, I felt a little disappointed but I wasn’t giving up yet. As we walked around the city, there were many things we were able to glimpse or see: the Cathedral also called Stephansdom, Stephansplatz, and the opera house. Obviously, for our first day in the city of one of our favorite cakes, we could not help but stop at the Hotel Sacher to enjoy a slice along with a good coffee. Well, you have to say I wasn’t disappointed it was really so good!

Vienna Sacher Torte

We continued to stroll the length and breadth of the city center past the Albertina Art Museum, the Hofburg, the National Library, the Parliament, and the City Hall and stopped along the way to visit some quaint stores.

Day 2

The morning started early, direction? Schonbrunn Palace. 

Once we got there we realized the queue that was waiting for us at the entrance and that it was definitely better to buy tickets online, which I highly recommend doing.

Getting to the castle on your own is very easy by taking the metro and getting off at the Schonbrunn stop.

After breakfast with another nice piece of cake, we entered the castle and its gigantic park. We chose the classic pass that lasts about 3/4 hours.

We were very lucky and found a warm and sunny day, ideal for visiting the castle and its gardens.

On the way back we did all the shopping because we found out that on Sundays almost all the stores in town are closed. 

I have to say that this day made me totally reconsider and the city gave me all its innate beauty and human scale.

Day 3

On the last day, we left our apartment and headed to Belvedere Castle, one of the most famous palaces of Baroque art.

Today it is a huge museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Klimt, the real focus of our visit, along with many other famous artists.

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