About Me

About Me

About me

Hi, I'm Andrea

Globetrotter, I love traveling, experiencing and living different stories all the time. Standing still no thanks, it's not for me! Constantly moving, I am a cheerful person and always full of energy.

Change does not scare me; rather, I welcome it and always find a silver lining in it.

My trick? Always try to look a little further ahead!

A globetrotter is born

Into the unknown

In 2016 with my degree in my pocket, I got my first job, and in the meantime I continue studying. Is that enough for me? Absolutely not. The hunger for novelty shows no sign of abating, and I feel the need for new stimulation at the work level as well.

2018 is a year full of changes. It was the year when I discovered a part of me that, while always present, I had never really listened to.

I chose to follow that urge that was burning inside me, and I left my life to go on an adventure, heart in my suitcase and memories in my backpack.
I spent six months on the other side of the world, in Mexico, and for the first time I felt like I could really breathe.

In 2019 back in Italy, I realized what I really wanted to do: to be free to travel, move, discover, and experiment.

But in 2020 everything changed, closures came, curfews and certifications.
These are difficult months for everyone, and I feel like a goldfinch forced into a cage that is too small.

After more than a year of confinement I decide it’s time to leave again… at the end of 2021 I can finally travel again, and this time I choose to do it in complete solitude.

Destination? Portugal.


I leave a piece of myself in Portugal, but before I even board the plane to bring me home to Italy I buy a one-way flight to Mexico. I spent the first months of 2022 between the Caribbean and the Pacific coast. I return home to finish another course of study left undone for too long.

But as soon as I graduate, just enough time to pack and I find myself pursuing a dream again, Southeast Asia.

In early 2023 I discover the wonders of Thailand and Indonesia and leave a piece of my heart here as well… I know I will return one day to take it back.

Traveling has become just as vital to me as breathing. I continue to move, to travel, to discover: I do so as I strive to become someone I can be proud of and who has so much to tell, with a life full of projects to accomplish and new stories to write.