One of the hardest things I’ve done: embrace the person I am

Are you happy with the person you are? Of what you are doing and moving forward in your life? Of all that you have or have not accomplished over the years? Of the people, you have shared your time with? Of the journeys, you have taken? Of the flaws, you have discovered about yourself? Of the good things, you have discovered about yourselves?

When answering yes to most of these questions you will truly be yourself and have accepted who you are, for me the journey still seems long…

What can’t I accept?

Let’s just say it’s not so much not accepting myself, I think I want to improve many things about the person I am now, inside and outside! 

I’m a person who plans, who likes to have a plan and for this reason, it’s not at all easy when something doesn’t go according to my plans or when working on myself I discover things I never wanted to discover.

I am a strong, determined person who goes straight to the goal. I know what I want and usually, do whatever it takes to get there.

I’ve always believed that this side of me was my strength because it was always the only one I really had the courage to show but, in the last few months I’ve discovered that my strongest side, that really wants to emerge and come out is the weak, sentimental one, that needs to help others, that needs a hand from others… but, do I really like this side of me?

The answer is yes! I absolutely love this side of me but I can’t control it. Maybe I thought that repressing it for years would be the best solution instead, it’s facing it, taking it head-on, and, analyzing everything with emotions that will really make me get to be the person I want to be: a person who is open, listens to others and is always ready to help.

It will be hard, it will be painful, it will be fun, it will be exactly that! But, fear is my biggest flaw and I want to learn to overcome it, to knock it down, to bang on it, only then will I be able to achieve my goals and be satisfied in everything I do!

This is the only way, by overcoming my fears and living by my emotions, I will be able to embark on the journey ahead of me by getting up with a smile every day.

I can’t wait to shout yes as the answer to all those questions, can you? What do you say we embark on this journey together?