If in a new country, you want to start a new business and start studying again. What are you doing? You are looking for a place where the wifi works perfectly and where you can be in complete tranquility!

You have just arrived in a new country, everything is different, sometimes complicated and sometimes even too simple.

You can take things in the best way for you and mine for sure was to follow the guys and add me to the coworking they had found near the center, a few steps from the beach, and for a really fair price!

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I coworking

What is coworking? They are places where you share space with other people who, like you, love to travel and all work remotely! Some are freelancers while others are hired by companies and the variety of jobs they do are really the most disparate!

We can say that it is an office but, you are not in the office!

The services that are offered are different and depend on the country you are in and the type of coworking you are going to choose!

However, the thing that unites all coworking is the social network that you can build by “living” in these environments, you really know many people with whom you can have a really interesting and above all positive comparison!


Not just coworking, Selina is a hostel with a swimming pool, bar/restaurant and offers a great offer of entertainment and themed parties.

In addition to all this, the familiar and relaxed atmosphere makes you spend your day in a truly familiar and comfortable environment!

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