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Prima Casa Piscina

I’m moving to my first house

As soon as we enter, a large living room awaits us with a dove-gray sofa, a large television (we are already looking forward to the cinema evenings at home), and a beautiful French window overlooking the pool, we also have a splendid hammock in the garden, perfect for relaxing.

On the other side of the living room is a wooden table, also perfect for working, and for some beautiful Instagram photos, look at Antonio’s Instagram profile to understand what I’m talking about.
The horseshoe-shaped kitchen has everything we need, including an oven (pizza, pizza, pizza) and a nice peninsula (bartender, a cocktail please!).
The kitchen leads to the laundry room where we have both a washing machine and dryer, practically every comfort!

Prima Casa Soggiorno

A small river named Duden

All the confusion you see indicates that we had just brought all of our things and that the only thing we wanted to do was browse around and see everything there, as well as send the photos to our friends and make them die of envy
Now comes the centerpiece of the whole house, my bedroom!

A truly gigantic room and an equally huge bed (King Size). I think the three of us could fit in that bed!
Inside I also have a desk and a large French window that overlooks the courtyard, my walk-in closet, and a large bathroom in the room.

Something that I have always wanted and that I can finally have!

Prima Casa Camera

A small river named Duden

Don’t worry about the guys they have a room for each with another large bathroom!

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