After a few days to really assimilate the thing, greeted the closest friends, and finished the suitcases, the time has come to really leave.

The alarm rings and I get up with a start … I recover for a moment and I remember that the big day has arrived! That’s right, I’m about to leave: direction Milan Malpensa airport to embark on the first flight that will take me straight to Mexico.

Well straight is an understatement since I will have to make a rather long layover in England. Breakfast to start the day in the best possible way (I had baked a cake the day before :), the last check of the bags and yes I can say that I am officially ready!

We get in the car and time passes quickly, we arrive earlier than we think and then we take a walk at the airport. Time really seems to fly and I find myself at the check-in opening: first flight Milan Malpensa> Manchester Airport.

With a little melancholy and a ready tear, I greet my parents and try to resist so as not to cry, yes I am an emotional person (let’s say a crybaby), and seeing my parents greet me from behind the glass put me to a severe test 🙁

After all the checks I finally realize that I am really doing it, I am leaving for a new and great adventure that will bring me a sea of ​​emotions: sadness, fear, happiness, joy, and whatever else you can think of.

That’s right there will certainly not be only positive emotions but also negative and melancholy ones that will keep me company on this long journey. I go through the Milan airport in search of my Gate and I see thousands of people ready to leave for new adventures of whatever kind they are.

I like airports, they are full of emotions, those who see people again after a long time, those who leave for new adventures and I love to imagine what people might think and how they feel about facing all this.


On my flight to Manchester I am lucky enough to be seated next to a boy, Emanuele, more or less my age and we spend the whole trip telling each other about the experience we were both about to begin.

He will stop in Manchester, go to play in some clubs, and carry on his great passion for music.

The trip flew by with a little company and in no time at all, I find myself at Manchester airport with a single question in mind: what do I do until tomorrow morning when my flight to Mexico leaves?

I find a quiet place, near a power outlet, essential to survive all those hours 😜 and I update the people dear to me who can rest assured: I’m already chatting with all the people who have had the “good fortune” to sit next to me overnight.

I sat down at the arrivals and saw all the colors, people arguing, people crying with the joy of seeing each other again, and screaming children running around the airport.

With Netflix to support me and a few naps every now and then, the morning arrives earlier than expected and so I decided to head towards the controls.

Here it was a bit more complicated than expected, they completely emptied my hand luggage and backpack in search of I don’t even know what, but in the end, I enter the gates and enjoy a quiet breakfast: at Starbucks of course.

And just when the hours are ending, a very important announcement: my plane was almost two hours late 🙁 What do you think? Lucky isn’t it?

Well in the end, however, I did it. I get on the plane and the hours surrounded by clouds seem to never end… my neighbor has slept all the time and therefore I have not been able to talk to almost anyone.

So yes my flight wasn’t very exciting until I woke up with the view of the Mexican coast below me and there I was thrilled!

I can’t even describe the feeling of fear and excitement I felt at that moment! That was the precise moment when I realized that I was about to embark on one of the most important experiences of my life.