You will be curious to find out what I am talking about 🙂 Well, you can read this article and find out all about this new adventure!

Well here we are finally, this is the real beginning of everything!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I leave in some days.

This summer there have been many changes in my life… Demoralized by so many things, or maybe life, I decided to quit everything and throw myself in a new big experience.

So… I decided to say yes to a friend’s question and leave for the other part of the world: Playa del Carmen, on the Caribbean coast.

As you will learn to understand I am a person who plans every little thing in her life. Often I need to control every little detail for myself and sometimes for others. The fact is that this “no planned adventure” was actually thought, considered, changed several times, and then rethought before becoming real.

My moods? Scared, curious, scared, exalted, scared, excited…

Yes, I’m really scared to begin this adventure, this new life, meet new people, go to a new continent with a new language for me, and then I have to find myself again. I have to rediscover that desire to do things and that enthusiasm that has always distinguished me.

So how do to not freak out before leaving my country? To-do list! I’m a big fan to list.

STEP ONE: a very shortlist

  • I have to check my passport
  • I have to get an international driving license
  • I have to take out insurance
  • I have to decide what to pack (the most difficult point)


Checked that the passport was still valid and that I would not have had to get any type of visa for entry in Mexico, went to the driving school to get an international driving license, and had the insurance done, it was time for the list of things to bring with me!

I searched practically every corner of the house to mark what I should have brought with me and what was perhaps best left at home and moved on to phase three: the skimming!



Obviously, like almost any self-respecting woman, it is always difficult to leave something at home, well imagine if you are planning to stay on the other side of the world for 6 months!

All categorically divided by category (never let my madness fail), here the skimming process had already begun and it was really difficult to decide which things to leave at home.

The fact is that by now the time to procrastinate was over and a few hours later I would have found myself at Malpensa airport waiting to take a plane that would take me to a new and unforgettable phase of my life!